How To Wake Up And Fell Fresh And Energetic In The Moring


How To Wake Up And Fell Fresh And Energetic In The Moring

By CGD Team

Ready to become a morning person? It's easier than you think. There are a few things you can do to wake up feeling flesh and energetic every single morning. no matter what day it is!


First Things First. Ditch The Snooze

Does anyone honestly woke up feeling more refreshed after that 7. minute snooze, It's just a tease, taking you back to that  magical sleep you were in only to be pulled back of it a  few minutes later. Turning off the snooze and allowing yourself to wake up straight away not only gives you more time in the morning but will also stop taunting you with the sleep you are  no longer allowed to be In.

Plus, constantly snoozing your alarm can have same really bad effects on the body!  You want a wake up feeling fresh so, get up  as soon as your alarm goes off.


When You Wake Up, Get Out Of Bed

we all do it when we wake up , spend  at least ten minutes under covers checking up on all the social media we have missed overnight, but the longer you lounge the bed, the more you want to stay there. Getting out of bed will stop you from so desperately wanting to stay there, so get up and browse your phone from the kitchen table.


Head For The Caffeine

Energy doesn't always come naturally, but caffeine can help to give the boost you need. Having some shortly after awakening can help to eliminate that morning grogginess, setting you up to the face the day

Plus, there's no better feeling than waking up with your morning brew  of choice. This will really ease you into the day and will make sure you're ready to go!