How to create a fitness plan that you actually stick with

How to create a fitness plan that you actually stick to

by CGD Team

A fitness planner is the key to smashing your fitness goals. With a proper plan in place, you will stay motivated and on track with every goal you set yourself.

It’s easier than it sounds with the Fit planner. Every single spread is designed to make logging your workouts easier than ever, so you can focus on your daily wins and build a plan that works for you.



Set your monthly goals

Start the Fit planner by writing out your goal. You can attach a progress photo to get a visual record of the progress you've made. In fact, unlike other fitness planners, the Fit planner focuses on feeling good without the scales and doing what makes you feel happy and healthy,

On the first page you'll write what you want to achieve and how you're going to achieve it. Being specific about your goal and already thinking two steps ahead of how you're going to achieve it is a great way to stay motivated with your goals.




Track your progress

The easiest way to stay motivated with your goals and your progress is to write them down. The Fit planner includes seven daily tracking pages which allow you to not only log your workout and grade it but also to write down what you ate throughout the day and how healthy it really was.  

As you progress, grow and enjoy small successes, you’ll find you stay motivated, stick to the plan whilst becoming braver in your next fitness goals. And if you need a little extra pep to keep you motivated, the Fit planner is actually full of helpful tips and tricks on everything from muscle soreness to staying on track when you lose motivation.



Measure your progress and update your plan

At the end of every week, you can check in with your goals in the Fit Planner. You start by writing out how you’re feeling and your big win of the week, and instead of focusing on arbitrary measurements and numbers on a scale, you instead focus on how you’re feeling and any changes you’ve noticed.

You also fill in the steps you’re going to take next week, meaning that you’ve got a written down action plan for the next seven days of progress, which will help keep you accountable and on track with your goals. If you want to smash your goals it’s all about simplifying the process.